Do you have a story, character, or even a concept that you can't quite visualize? Would you like a portrait of your favorite RPG character or mythical creature? AntaresArt can help you transfer your ideas into concept sketches or full illustrations.

Fiction Concept Art & Illustration

AntaresArt has provided concept designs and illustrations for a number of fantasy and historical fiction novels, as well as short stories. Concept art helps authors visualize their characters and can be used as promotional material for unpublished or self-published work.

Character Design

Many writers and gamers love to see their unique characters come to life through custom artwork. AntaresArt provides character designs based on fiction, traditional role-playing games, MMORPGs and more.

Purchase and Shipping Information

Prices vary according to type and complexity of illustration; please contact the artist with your specific request.

Shipping within the United States for artwork up to 11" x 14" is $8.95. International customers, please contact the artist for a shipping estimate. All prices are listed in USD.

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