Hand-Braided Leashes

Distinctive, decorative leads perfect for Conformation, Freestyle Obedience, Agility, parades, performance events or special occasions!

Please note that although these leads are functional, they are intended for use in a controlled area such as a show ring. They should not be used for dogs who pull on the leash or as tie-outs for any dog.

Fireworks Leads

These distinctive leashes are named for the colorful burst of beaded bangles at the base of the hand loop. Lightweight Fireworks leads are ideal for small-breed dogs and cats, and have beads strung along the length of the leash. Heavyweight Fireworks leads are suitable for medium-sized pets (up to 40 lbs.), and are beaded only at the bangles.

Fireworks leads can be ordered in both Satin and Soft Yarn varieties.

satin fireworks satin fireworks soft yarn fireworks
  • Lightweight Fireworks lead, 4-foot: $10
  • Lightweight Fireworks lead, 6-foot: $12
  • Heavyweight Fireworks lead, 4-foot: $15
  • Heavyweight Fireworks lead, 6-foot: $18

Soft Yarn Leads

These fuzzy, colorful leads are soft on the hands, come in any combination of colors, and feature a decorative pouf at the base of the hand loop.

soft yarn
  • Lightweight Soft Yarn lead, 4-foot: $8
  • Lightweight Soft Yarn lead, 6-foot: $10
  • Heavyweight Soft Yarn lead, 4-foot: $14
  • Heavyweight Soft Yarn lead, 6-foot: $16

Custom Leather Leads

Want a fine leather Conformation lead, an Obedience leash, or a custom Schutzhund lead with a brass ring on the hand loop? How about a matching leather collar? Ask about handmade braided or flat leather leads, made exactly to your specifications! Price varies according to design.

leather sliplead crowd leash braid sample

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Leash length:
Leash weight: lightweight
Snap type: [A] large halter snap
[B] double claw snap
[C] small lobsterclaw clasp
[D] 3/4" welded steel ring, sliplead only
[E] 1" steel split ring, sliplead (snap can be added)

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Leash color:
  SOFT YARN: Many colors are available. Please indicate your color preference below (i.e., blue, neutral tones, etc.). You will be able to choose from color samples before your leash is made.

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Beads: Choose up to three colors. (Sorry, beads are not available on braided leather leads.) Color 1:

Color 2:

Color 3:

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