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Welcome to AntaresArt.com -- Your source for portraits, custom artwork and more!



AntaresArt offers unique, lifelike custom art and portraits in both graphite and colored pencil. Portraits can be made from your digital or film photographs; there is no sitting required!



AntaresArt's illustration service helps writers, designers and gamers bring their unique characters and settings to life! AntaresArt can provide custom artwork based on novels, games, short fiction and even RPG characters.



If you're looking for something more than another neutral backdrop, AntaresArt's on-site photography services can provide you with high-quality photos in a natural setting -- the quality of a studio portrait, with the casual atmosphere of an album snapshot! Also ask about product and advertising photography.

Photography services are available in central Indiana only.


Handmade Leashes & Toys

Want something unique for your pet? Try a hand-braided custom leash for your dog or cat. Choose from beaded satin show leads, leather leashes or comfortable soft yarn braids! Also, see our selection of irresistible handmade dog toys!